Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's That Time Again...

So, it’s that time again.  Tomorrow morning, my brother & I head out to Houston & to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Tomorrow afternoon is the bloodwork & P.E.T. scan.  Friday is the next most-important-of-my-life Dr. appointment to get the results.

Would you please pray for us this week?

Of course, pray as God leads, but here are some things I’m praying:
--safe travels (my brother, Jim & I are driving out & back)
--peace for Lisa (again, it’s much easier to be the patient than the loved one of the patient!)
--peace for me, especially between the scan & getting the results
--blessing for my HS classmate Donna, who is once again graciously letting us stay in her home.
--that God would magnify Himself & the Gospel through me, whatever the outcome.

Oh, yeah, there’s also this significant prayer request:

The Detailed Schedule:
--Wed 4/25 => Jim is driving from his home in East AL to Hattiesburg
--Thurs 4/26 => Jim & I drive out to Houston; we’ll leave pretty early in the morning
Bloodwork, P.E.T. prep around 2:30, P.E.T. scan at 4:00 (lasts ~45 minutes)
Followed by very serious gluttony, since I’m not allowed to eat anything after 8:00 a.m. Not even chewing gum nor cough drops; water only. 
--Fri 4/27 => 11:00 appointment w/ Dr. Bedekian to get the results.
We'll head back Friday.
--Sat 4:28 => Jim drives back to Montgomery

Thank you SO very much for your prayers, my friends!  They mean so much to us.

Most humbly & sincerely,

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