Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lessons Learned From Water

As all 3 of my regular readers know, I grew up on/near the beaches, bayous, & bays of NW FL.  My thoughts are never far from that part of the world, as much of who I am was shaped down there.  Thus, this post that popped into my mind. 

Valuable lessons about life & people that I learned in, on, under, & near the water.

--Looks can be deceiving - dangerously strong currents may not be visible on the surface; especially at first glance.
--What's underneath the surface is often very beautiful.
--And sometimes very dangerous.  Deadly even.
--Sometimes one should fight the current.
--Other times one should go with the current while using it to one's advantage.
--At all times one should not panic when finding oneself in a current in order to figure out which of the previous ones is the better option.
--Sometimes the best plan is to simply hold one's breath & hang on until the wave passes by.
--Speaking of waves, the same waves that are beautiful from a distance can be quite challenging--even dangerous--up close.
--Those waves, properly engaged, can be a LOT of fun!
--After the thrill/danger of the ride, the waves usually bring you to shore.
--Underneath turbulent waves, you'll find a calm, relaxing place if you dive deep enough.
--Often, people who look capable aren't; nice-looking jocks still drown.
--Often, people who don't look capable are; nerdly-looking wimps survive waves, rip currents, & undertows.  (like me, for example)
--For goodness'sake, get the right equipment!
--And the right knowledge.
--Neither of which will be apparent at first glance.

Seems one can learn a lot by being in, on, under, or near the water.



Lisa Hutchinson said...

I can relate! Also, the best thing to do in the face of an upcoming wave is to just get down in it and let it wash over you, revealing the calm underneath or to ride it rather than fight it! #justsayin

Alex.Butler said...

I really wish I'd have thought of these metaphors myself. I grew up in Mobile, a mere 10 minute walk from the shores of Mobile Bay and a 20 minute drive to the gulf. So I grew up on the coast experiencing all of these allegorical observations. The imagery that you used brings to mind serious life lessons. I can really relate. I only wished everyone could understand the physical relating to the metaphoric. Really nice. Thanks, Mike.

Alex.Butler said...

It would've been great, however, if you threw a roll tide somewhere in there.

(nerds rule)