Thursday, September 15, 2011

P.E.T. Scans & Kindegarten

I had a flash of insight this morning.  (Or maybe it was just a bad reaction to P.E.T. scan contrast solution.  Whichever...) 

If smiles show up on a P.E.T., the radiologist reading mine this afternoon saw a couple, because I let this analogy run unencumbered in my mind between naps while I was in the P.E.T. scan machine & also while walking back from MDA.  So here goes...

P.E.T. scans are actually very similar to Attending Kindergarten:
--For both, you're given a list of things you can't wear.
--Or eat.
--You can't have coffee right before either one.
--For both, you'll be required to write out a lot of your life story & talk with strangers about all that you've done lately.
--In both, you have to abide by someone else's rules, with NO input from you.
--Both kindergarten & P.E.T. scans include mandatory naps with no talking or moving around allowed during the naps.
--In both kindergarten & P.E.T. scan facilities, the people running the joint use lots of big words & concepts that you don't understand.
--At both, everyone tries to make you more comfy, which is only a little bit successful given that you'd rather be at home playing with the dog.
--Both require getting stuck with needles--before you show up @ kindergarten; after you show up for a P.E.T. scan.
--For both kindergarten and P.E.T. scans, you have to wear a goofy looking name tag with your picture on it.
--At both kindergarten & P.E.T. scan facilities, they bandage up your boo-boos.  (Of course, at a P.E.T. scan, they first cause the boo-boos; hopefully this is not true at kindergarten)
--At some point in both kindergarten and in a P.E.T. scan, you'll wish your Mommy would come pick you up & take you to get an Icee.
--For both kindergarten and P.E.T. scans, you're put into rooms with strangers such that you have to talk to them.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what a P.E.T. scan's like, you can answer, "It's a lot like going to kindergarten."  Now you know...*grin*


p.s. - This is what happens when I have a block of time where (a) I'm tired, and (b) I can't do anything except sleep & think about such weirdness...

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