Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Update Wed 6/22/11

--Got on Longleaf Trace yesterday morning for the 1st time in 6 weeks!
OK, so it was just for a 3-mile walk; wasn't for a bike ride...YET.  That's coming, but I'm not able just now.  I did ride down the driveway & back, which proved conclusively that I'm not ready for a real ride.  Still, I'm pretty pumped about being back out there!  I'm now all the more eagerly anticipating that next ride.

--Went 24 hrs w/ no pain meds yesterday!  Not even an Ibuprofen!
I did take my "regular" Ibuprofen dose ~10 p.m. as I was heading to bed, as I was a bit sore.  But that's a pretty significant milestone; 1st 24-hr pd in 5.5 weeks with no pain meds of any kind!

--Slowly getting out & about a bit & doing just a bit more.
Today's "more" was the walk.  I'm heading over to WCU in the next few days to do just a little bit of office mgmt. there and to eat w/ some of my colleagues & friends (I use those interchangeably).

--I'm beginning to get pumped about getting back "on the podium" (as my brother calls it).
Which is good, since I'm teaching a class that starts July 5.

--I'm also really digging my "new" car!
I found it on, we drove up together to check it out, & then while I was in Houston, Lisa killed it & brought it home.  *smile*  95 Toyota Camry, with only 50k miles on it.  Looks very good, & so far has very few of the glitches one expects when buying a used car.  Of course, the most significant improvement of this one over my other one--aside from looking LOTS better--is that this one has a working a/c.  Which is pretty significant in the S. MS heat.

--Surgery wound-wise, nearly daily progress. 
Less pain (see above about pain meds), and increased usefulness & mobility of my left arm/shoulder.  It's actually quite amazing how much you miss being able to use an arm; even the "off" arm (I'm utterly right-handed).  Now to re-gain strength.  Or better, to wind up with more than I had 6 weeks ago.  *laughing*

One of the great blessings of this cancer journey is being the recipient of so many intentional, sacrificial acts of kindness & friendship by so many.  Cards, emails, "praying for you"/"rejoicing with you" messages on facebook,...not to mention lawn mowings, meals, & such.  Very humbling!

I hope anew that I can soon be the hands & feet of Jesus, as so very many of you have been to us.  I'll never be the same.  For which I am most grateful.

With great love & thanksgiving,

p.s. - Got a few other entries percolating; you've been warned. ;-{)}

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