Friday, June 17, 2011

Drum roll, please! (MDA update, FRIDAY 6/17)

I'm back in the hotel room now, after this latest most-important-Dr.-appt of my life.

The P.E.T. Scan was clear!!!

(I'd high-five & hug every one, but really am physically unable to do that @ the moment due to post-op limitations.  Give yourself one of each from me.  *smile*)

What this means:
It means I have another 3 whole months of freedom until the next P.E.T. scan, & until the next most-important-appt-ever.  I'd live large, if I weren't so sore.  ;-{)}

(aside: I have a whole separate blog post percolating on life in 3-month increments.  You've been warned.)

Now, the scan did catch one thing, that has zero to do with any new tumor development.  I have a Gore-tex chest wall on my left side now, as of my surgery a month ago yesterday.  Well, the P.E.T. scan shows that it's separated slightly from my actual flesh chest wall & left a small space in between.  The radiologist reading the scan said this could be simply normal post-op adjustment & movement, but she cautioned to watch for infection.  Nobody is worried about this, since I show no signs of infection, and am improving physically (if slowly for my tastes).  And again, this has nothing to do with any new tumor development.

Thus, I'm sitting around pondering various punchlines related to my Gore-tex chest wall failing.  Here's Jim's first pass, which I like: "Seems your surgeon should've used duct tape or something."  And my own: "Should've paid the extra $$ for non-recycled plastic."  *laughing*

Anyway, great news today.  My step-Dad says let's have about 60 more of these clear quarterly scans.  I'd take it!

So now, I leave the hotel ~8, & fly out @ 10, arriving in Jackson ~11:10, where I'll dine with this dashingly handsome & brilliant pharmacist in his last year of pharmacy school, who'll also chauffer me home.  Handsome lad, that one.

Thanks so much for all your prayers & encouragement & acts of service, my friends.

With love & thanksgiving,
2 Corinthians 4:7, 16-18


LSU1973 said...

Wonderful news Mike!

Janice Gundy said...

Praising God with you all!