Thursday, June 16, 2011

UPDATE, Thurs, 6/16

Today was P.E.T. scan & bloodwork day.

Had bkfst ~7, which included a delightful visit w/ a 60-something couple from Kansas.  She has pancreatic cancer, which is normally a very bad one.  She has had it for...4 YEARS now!  She said her Dr. back home refers to her as "weird."  I told her I'm "living outside the numbers" acc. to mine here.  When they left to catch the shuttle, she said "you stay outside the numbers, & I'll keep being weird."  *huge grin*

Back to room to chill & write &read &facebook & such for a couple of hours.  Regrettably, those hours did *not* include coffee...water only.  All day...water only.

11:00 shuttle to MDA.  Bloodwork, which involved filling a couple dozen vials.  (OK, it was only 5.)

Obligatory MDA gear shopping trip @ giftshop, & then off to P.E.T. prep/scan.
--IV inserted, & toxic waste injected. ;-{)}  (radioactive sugar, which tumors absorb, thus lighting up the scan)
--mandatory 1-hour nap lying still on back (my favorite part of this process)
--actual scan took ~40 minutes

Walked ~3/4 mile from Mays Clinic to main building!  (Mostly, to see if I could.  Note to all concerned about 100+ degree heat here: the walk is entirely indoors on an air-conditioned skyway.)

Ate the greatest-tasting bag of convenience-store peanuts ever (you know those 50-cent bags of chips by the register?  It was one of those, but after 10 hours of water-only, it was *glorious*!), & a cup of coffee (again, water only for 10 hrs.)

Now sitting in hotel room watching U.S. Open reruns with a full belly after the best microwave dinner ever.

I was concerned about being physically able to lie still and to get in position for the scans because of my post-op physical limitations & of pain.  Absolutely NO problem!  Fell asleep quickly & stayed so for the nap part, & the scan only required minimal movement.  Thanks MUCH to all who had prayed about this!

Now to watch the......clock.....move......s  l  o  w  l  y......until tomorrow's 12:30 appt where I get the results of today's scan & bloodwork.  In other words, tomorrow will be the latest most-important-Dr.-appt-of-my-life.  I have one of those every three months, & this is the latest one.  Prayers most welcome!

With love & hope,

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