Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Have Stayed Long Enough...

(From my Bible reading earlier this week--note: I'm using Robert Murry M'Cheyne's program this year. Wrote this a couple of days ago; edited it just now)

“The Lord our God said...‘You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Turn and take your journey, and go...See, I have set the land before you. Go in and take possession of the land..."
Deuteronomy 1:6-8 (excerpted)

Multiple layers for this passage to me.

Just got word that a friend from a few years back entered glory yesterday. I've been remembering numerous cups of coffee @ his place of business to start the day, plus some parking lot conversations after church. Life, love, music, evangelism, discipleship, marriage, science, church, ministry,...many were the topics we covered. And I'm better because of those coffee gatherings. So, Mark has been told "you've stayed long enough...take your journey...go..." I picture him--for one of the very few times since I've known him *smile*--being absolutely speechless as he entered glory & saw his dream & longing fulfilled. RIP, bro. See you later. Save me a spot @ the coffee counter.

Wed. night, had some great conversation w/ 3 different guys @ church. "Remember our conversation about 8 years ago?" (topic back then: why do we stay in a church in which we perceive that some things are going very badly...) "This is why we stayed!" (referring to some incredible things the Lord is up to in & through our church) I have a strong sense the the Lord is leading us to some amazing places of ministry in what Steven Curtis Chapman called "The Great Adventure." More later. On a very important related note--I've been reminded lately that Temple Baptist was a very good church long before I got there...long before Tony Merida got there...or any current member or staff member. This August will be 20 years since we joined...and it was a great church when we joined. I'm just glad it still is...*smile*

And this: it should surprise nobody that I've pondered quite a bit on last Wednesday's appt. w/ Dr. Mehran. (OK, one more time: "There is no need to operate. I'm cancelling your surgery for tomorrow. Go home, Mr. Madaris, and enjoy your summer." I'll remember those sentences for the rest of my days!) If you're wondering, I have no clue why I got that word, and others--like my friend Mark--got a different word from their cancer doctor. But I do have a very strong sense that the Lord has ministry-ish things in mind for me. On behalf of Mark and all of the others, please pray with me that I hear clearly, follow closely, and go in & take possession of whatever land the Lord lays out before me. Thanks!

Excited about the rest of the journey,

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that. I sent it to DLA. I hope you don't mind. Mark's memorial service is scheduled for June 27th, 10am at Belhaven's chapel. There will be a slide show and a few speakers (people from the college & Gateway Rescue Mission) but then DLA wants it to be open mic and have people share fun stories & memories. I do hope you can come.