Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brief (not much of an) Update

The big news of the day is, no bloodwork required this morning! I generally don't mind getting stuck when necessary, which is entirely different from saying "I like getting stuck"...

2 good P.E.T. scan-induced naps. One during the "prep" part where you lay back in a recliner for an hour in the dark while the radioactive glucose percolates through you. Somebody in one of those rooms was snoring so loudly that it woke me up. Wait...that was me...never mind... The other nap was during the P.E.T. scan itself. The guy said "can you lie on your back still?" I said "oh yeah!" I almost said "Still? Sure! Just not quietly..."

Those were followed by the greatest Chik-Fil-A sandwich ever, chased with the best cup of bad hospital coffee ever. (recall, this was the "no food/no coffee" day...)

So now we wait. Appt. w/ Dr. Mehran around 11:00-ish tomorrow. We'll have results then, along with plans for surgery.

Meanwhile, pity the poor servers & cooks @ Gringo's in the very near future. For I am about to commit some very serious gluttony upon some Tex Mex food...

Thanks for praying w/ us, friends! Press on another few days, & then I hope to be able to release your prayer time to more worthy causes... ;-)

With love & hope in His Grip,

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