Friday, October 31, 2008

The Unimaginable

UPDATE: I'm delighted to report that Bo is safe and sound as of earlier today. Don't know any more details, but I don't really need to. I'm just happy that this part of the story has a happy ending. Thanks for praying! bb

You know that part of our imaginations that walls off certain things and tries to keep them in the safety of "well, that'll probably never happen"? Those things that are just too terrible to even ponder? This post deals with one of those that's at the top of my list--of most of our lists--and then calls you to take action.

Got word yesterday that my friend Lee's son is missing. The son is Bo, and he hasn't been seen since his class Tuesday night. They're becoming frantic, as one would in this situation. When I hung around with Lee, Bo was just a little boy; now he's probably about 19 years old.

I cannot even imagine what Lee is experiencing just now. Whenever I venture toward that part of my imagination, I quickly recoil back in total terror. That recoiling protects my sanity, I think.

So here's your part: WOULD YOU PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR LEE, FOR JULIE, AND FOR BO? I'll update as I'm able.

I wish...oh how I wish!...this were merely the premise for a CSI episode or for a scary movie. But it's not. It is the unimaginable, helpless reality a Mom and a Dad are facing right now.

Your prayers are most needed and appreciated.


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Anonymous said...

I did not see this post til the whole thing was over, but I am very glad everything is ok.
Christy G.