Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shadow & Substance

"It ain't the shadow, it's the substance that I'm after."
Rahlo, Blacksoil Project

Rahlo is a friend of ours who has a really remarkable & unique ministry. An English major in college, he is a lover of words and puts them together very creatively and very well. His medium? Hip-hop music. Blacksoil Project is the name used in his musical creations, btw. Hip-hop is not usually my preferred musical groove, I'll confess...but I love Michael's stuff. (I was just listening to his stuff on my ipod while working out this morning). His words are great and deep...and the music pulls you on through a workout!

The above quote is from a song he wrote after the birth of his son. The entire song is incredible, but I love this particular quote, which is a recurring theme throughout the song. There, in one sentence, I believe my buddy has captured what should be the heart of all of us who claim to follow Christ. I also believe that he has nailed a number of people who are chasing the shadows, rather than the substance. The song goes on to say "take a sip of the real before you die..." There's my challenge to me and to you today. Step aside from the shadows & pursue the substance. Take a sip of the real. You won't regret it!


p.s. - Want more info about The Blacksoil Project? Go here to his website. I would particularly call your attention to his store link. I don't (yet!) own the Lewis-inspired Out of the Silent Planet CD, but I do own all of the others. Neither do I (yet!) own a Blacksoil t-shirt. But I will soon. BTW, you can also hear samples of his music by clicking on the audio link.

p.p.s. - Rahlo is married & has a number of young children. He's a native of Hattiesburg, and played college basketball @ U. of New Orleans (yeah...he's not short...) His wife played hoops @ Iowa (she's not short either!). Rahlo says he's not even the best shooter in his own home!

p.p.p.s. - Aside from CD & t-shirt sales, all of their funding comes from personal support. Want to be part of reaching a segment of the harvest field that's not beating down the doors of our churches to get in? Shoot Rahlo an email & ask about becoming a monthly ministry partner. I guarantee you that you won't regret it. He does his thing in schools, in prisons, and all around the world. Click on the "contact" link on his website & you'll see a picture. And if you're wondering about longevity, Rahlo's been in ministry for 20+ years & in the music ministry for a number of years. Again, I guarantee that you'll love him & his family. We do!

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