Sunday, October 12, 2008

Because of Cancer,...

...I am reminded of the brevity of life.

...I am very well aware that the human body is fragile.

...we are aware that there is some absolutely incredible medical technology in use these days.

...we are acquainted with some utterly amazing medical professionals who are giving their lives to the very worthy goals of eradicating cancer and of caring for those suffering from the dreadful disease.

....I am much more keenly aware of the evil, destructive nature of the disease. I hate cancer with a passion!

...I absolutely cherish any & all time I get to spend with Lisa

...I treasure any & all time I get to spend with James & Annne

...I am more mindful of my need to extend grace toward others. (Note: I wish I could say "I'm now showing grace to others"...I am working hard on being what Philip Yancey calls a "grace agent" but I ain't there yet.) priorities have been gloriously re-ordered: faith, family, friends, everything else (in order)

...I am better @ my job (I hope!) and am more thankful for it.

...I am more mindful of people around me (e.g., students, coworkers).

...I've been reminded that I am so very blessed with so many marvelous friends who have gone so far above & beyond.

...I have reconnected with some friends from long ago; high school even!

...I have met and made some great new friends--some only online--but still already consider them great friends.

...I have experienced the Body of Christ gloriously doing what the it's supposed to do.

...I have greatly renewed my prayer life and feel a new sense of urgency about prayer.

...God has greatly renewed my love for His Word.

...God has given me an increased love for the church (capital C - Body of Christ, and small C - my part of it - TBC)

...I have a renewed longing for heaven (note: I'm planning to go there any time right away, Lord willing...but the deep longing is there)

...I have a heightened awareness of the deep pain cancer leaves when it claims a loved one's life.

...I deeply desire to be used by my Lord to impact the world and build up His kingdom. (Would you pray with me to that particular end? Thanks!!)

...Stress? What stress? I'm a 2-time cancer survivor for crying out loud, who has undergone hundreds of thousands of dollars of surgeries, immunotherapy, tests, & such. Lord, let me never forget that so much that we get stressed about (the economy/stock market, anyone??) is so very temporal and not worthy of getting all worked up over!

...oh, I almost forgot this one: Because of cancer, I now look like I lost a knife fight. But be of good cheer; remember that my cancer is sun-related. Thus, these really cool scars will not be on display in public. So relax...*grin*

On a serious note, these are just some of the things I've been pondering during & following our medical year from Hades. I am thankful for every lesson learned! Sure, I might've chosen a different teaching vehicle, but I love the lessons and hope never forget any of them. There's how you can pray for me, btw. Pray for God to cause those lessons to sink in...feel free to appropriate any of the relevant ones into your own life. You're welcome! *smile*



Stephanie said...

I've read and re-read this entry several times. Still thinking... and thanking God.
Let's talk soon.

Tina Marie said...

Beautiful! I am always amazed at what we learn from our greatest struggles. Your post reminds me of many things I have learned myself and empowers me to keep those important, and nothing else.