Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Something new to ponder...

I have about 45 minutes a day in the car, plus 3 hours or so every Monday for my commute to/from the coast to teach a class. This great aspect of my gig allows me some contemplative quiet alone time. (Unless, of course, I'm listening to C-Note, J-Dub and da crew hold forth on foxsports radio in the morning...) What a privilege to have that built-in commute time!

As an egghead wannabe, I spend a large part of that time pondering and a part praying. I should, of course, spend the majority praying, but that total depravity thing I wrote about recently rears its ugly head... (I'm reminded of G.K. Chesterton's excellent letter to a British newspaper that had asked people to explain what's wrong with the world. G.K.'s response: "Dear Sirs: What's wrong with the world? I am. Sincerely, G.K. Chesterton")

Recently, however, I have spend a fair amount of that time both pondering and praying. As a Christian who is a university professor and a financial economist, and who used to teach a class called "Christian Worldview," I've long been interested in the intersection of my faith and my academic disciplines of economics & finance. (And there are many such intersections if you're wondering).

As I pondered, I had a Homer Simpson "d'oh!" moment. Why not just check it out for myself! (everybody now: "D'oh!")

Thus, I am launching a long-overdue quest that will take a while--a long while--to complete. I want to find everything the Bible has to say about economics and finance. (hint: Jesus said more about money than He did about heaven & hell combined, according to numerous experts. So much for Jesus' teaching being all about "irrelevant spiritual things"...) The specific approach of finding everything the Bible says about _____ (fill in blank) is called systematic theology. Basically, rather than deciding what I want the Bible to say, I'll just let it explain itself. (novel concept, huh?)

So I'll need your help and your prayers (if you're a pray-er) as I launch. Wayne Grudem and others have done this sort of thing, but one of the great beauties of the Bible is its utter accessibility to an ordinary hammerhead like myself. So I'm off into Christian financial economics professor goober land.

Should be fun! I'm excited!

bb (the goober armchair theologian)

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