Friday, January 11, 2008

OK, prayer warriors. Your prayers are needed...

...for a very good friend of mine.

Jason Weathers is a 30-year-old friend of mine who is a very sick young man. He is a great guy; one of those rare ones with no enemies. Loved & respected by all.

Jason is a Hattiesburg High and USM grad whom I've known since shortly after we moved to H'burg 17 years ago. I was his Sunday School teacher when he met this young lady who joined our 11th grade SS class when her Dad joined the staff of our church. They began going out, despite her attending Oak Grove HS while he played football at HHS. Then they both went to USM. I still remember the Christmas Eve service at church when he told me he was about to propose to her. They've been married for some years now, and have 2 young kids with #3 on the way. They were living down in Naples, FL where Jason was completing a nurse anesthetist program.

Jason was diagnosed with leukemia last weekend. He was flown back here and is in Forrest General Hospital taking chemotherapy. For more on him--including pictures of Jason & his family, go here:

If you are any sort of praying person, please pray for Jason. This is one of the good guys, amigos. There are few guarantees around, but here's one: you'd really like this guy. Very laid-back and easy to get along with by people across the social & age spectrum. He & I are always swapping hard rock music suggestions, most recently at church when he was visiting at Christmas time.

Also, watch this space for more details. I may be asking for volunteers to donate platelets to my buddy Jason in the future.

In the mean time, your prayers are invited, needed, welcomed, and appreciated.

With a heavy heart,

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