Monday, December 26, 2011

Offended Much?

Are you offended when someone wishes you "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"?  (or vice versa?)

I'm not.  I do not expect everyone to greet me in my cultural preference.  It would be nice, but I don't expect it.  (I sure hope they don't expect me to greet them in their cultural preference if it's foreign to me!)

Instead, I appreciate the warm wishes & return them in kind.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I fully understand what is celebrated at Christmas.  I rejoice daily in the incarnation of the One Whose coming is from long ago and Whose coming provides hope where there would be none otherwise.  My hope is certain because He came.  My sins are forgiven, and will be forgotten.

In fact, it is because of His coming itself that I dare not be offended.  I have received grace beyond measure from my Lord, as I deserve ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from him...nor from anyone else.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I will not be offended by something as silly as being wished "Happy Holidays."  My Lord wasn't offended by actions of nonbelievers when He walked among us.  He was, however, highly offended by by the actions of the uber-religious legalists who had missed the point entirely...*clears throat*  (Note: stop & ponder just how winsome it is[n't] to pitch a hissy fit because someone doesn't say "Merry Christmas"...)  I do not expect others to behave in a certain way.  I especially do not expect nonbelievers to act like believers.  I didn't act like one before I came to faith.  (Sadly, I didn't for a number of years after too...but that is another topic that was covered in this space last December.)

If being wished "Happy Holidays" offends, then, with all the love I can muster, you should read the news more.  Be offended by sectarian violence in Iraq...religious persecution of Christians in bombings on Christmas Day in Nigeria...child slavery & human trafficking all over the world.  Please don't be offended by someone wishing you well!

Similarly, if my wishing you a "Merry Christmas" offends you, you too should read the news more, and be offended by those same things instead of by my well wishes.  Please don't be offended by me wishing you well!

I conclude by wishing all of you the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years.  Or if you prefer, I wish you the Happiest of Holidays.  Basically, I wish you the best with this post.


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