Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to Houston/MDA

So, I forgot to tell y'all this:  I head back to Houston Thursday, 12/15!

A different sort of trip for a couple of reasons, but first, the schedule:
Thursday, 12/15: drive out to Houston
(just me; retail isn't very conducive to having time off this time of year!  Trips like this are why ipods & podcasts were invented.)
Friday, 12/16: 2 Dr. appts @ MDA - both with new Drs.!
Dr. Homsi, my melanoma oncologist since I first went out there, has recently moved to MDA-Phoenix. Thus, I'll be meeting my new (to me) melanoma oncologist Dr. Bedikian at 11:30.
Also, I'm adding a new piece to the MDA-mmbeachbum medical care team: my first appt w/ a dermatologist there, Dr. Mays.  Totally at my request.
After the two appts, eat fantastic Mediterranean food @ Dimassi's while waiting for lunch traffic to clear a bit, & then drive back home.

That's it!  No P.E.T. scan this time, although I do get bood drawn.

As an added bonus, I'm staying w/ some friends who used to be in our Sunday School class back in youth/college married w/ 3 young kids, & he's recently accepted a ministerial position @ FBC Houston.  Looking forward to that!

Expectations: I pretty much have none, since despite having been out there 25 times in 3 years, this will be a completely new type of visit.  (Although still in the same fact, dermatology is also in the melanoma dept.)

Prayers are *most* welcome for safe travels.  (And, selfishly, for traffic- & construction-related delays to be minimal...)

Thanks much!

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Anonymous said...

Mike - have a safe trip, and hopefully, a very boring visit with the new guys. Praying for your health and safe return.