Friday, May 27, 2011

Progress. Progress?

Here's the latest (Fri, 5/27, 8:00 a.m.)

Noticeable improvement. Still a considerable amount of pain, but visible improvement. And still a long way to go.

I still take 2 different pain meds, staggering them so that I'm taking something every 2 hours. (1's a narcotic; the other is a heavy dose of anti-inflammatory drugs). I *hate* taking lots of pain meds, because I hate the sleep/stupor they put me in. And yet I still have to do so because of pain. *sigh*

One big sign of progress is that I find myself looking @ the clock & getting bummed out as the time for the narcotic one approaches. Earlier in the week, I looked @ the clock in eager anticipation of temporary relief from pain the next dose would bring. Now I look with a heavy sigh, knowing that I still have to take it, and also knowing that it'll put me in that stupor for a while.

I'm still sleeping on the couch out of 2-way fear (hers and mine!) than Lisa or I will roll over in the night & hit my incision. Which would be a whole lot of bad...and would be pretty easy to do.

*Eagerly* anticipating the following, perhaps some day in the not-too-distant future:

--sleeping in my own bed

--NOT having to deal w/ the narcotic stupor

--sitting in a tub & soaking for a while (Progress: I *can* shower now, but no soaking in a bath tub)

--riding my bike

--driving my car

--an entire day of productivity, rather than the occasional minutes of productivity right now

--mowing my lawn (no, really! In the mean time though, I'm *so* thankful to a friend who has told us he'd mow it for as long as we needed)

Speaking of pain-med stupor, um...night night! *sigh*

Thanks for your continued prayers!
With love & hope,

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