Saturday, May 14, 2011

The M.D. Anderson Schedule for Next Week (in briefer form)

Here, FYI/FYP, is the sched of the upcoming festivities related to my next surgery:

Sunday 5/15 - Lisa & I drive to Houston after teaching my Sunday School class.

Monday 5/16 - Pre-op scan/test/stick day

Tuesday 5/17 - Dr. appts: 1 w/ surgeon, 1 w/ anesthesia

Wed 5/18 - Off; nothing on the schedule

Thurs 5/19 - Surgery Day!!
Dr. Mehran likes to operate early; my guess is that we'll be @ the hospital ~6:00, w/ surgery to follow shortly after.

**Please pray for Lisa this day.** Hers is--by FAR--the hard part; sitting & waiting & wondering.

Fri & Sat 5/20 & 5/21 - Recovery in Hospital
(Best guess: in the hospital for a couple of days; Lisa can stay with me in the room on a tiny pull-out bed.)

Sun 5/22 - Lounge around in hotel
(again, this is a guess; whenever I get discharged, we'll stay in Houston another day or so to make sure all my systems are turning back on properly)

Mon 5/23 - LONG travel day
(once again, a guess; this assumes I'm out of the hospital Sunday morning) It's long because Lisa has to do all the driving + we have to stop every hour or so to make me walk for clot-avoidance.

We're optimistic here, as are the Drs. Still, it's surgery & anesthesia &, oh yeah...cancer.

Your prayers are, as always, MOST welcome & SO very much appreciated!

With Hope,
2 Cor 4:16-18

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Brett said...

Thinking about you, sir. You're always in our prayers.