Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where y'at? (Short Update)

Here's where I am @ the moment on this recovery journey.

--all tubes & pain pumps & such are gone
--most bandages are gone (still some strips over the actual surgery incision)
--pain gets better, albeit slowly. Yesterday, I tried to ease off on the pain meds; went OK until the afternoon, @ which point I realized it wasn't time to ease off on the pain meds yet.
--appetite mostly back to normal; still eating a bit less, probably because I'm actually doing quite a bit less...
--ability to do stuff improves by the day (note: I'm *definitely* taking this one slowly!)
--breathing exercises getting better fairly quickly. (I have 2 breathing toys I have to play with, and I'm improving with both)
--all oxygen tanks & pumps will be picked up today; I haven't used them since Saturday night!
--I actually slept in a fairly normal position last night for the first time! Part of the night back in my actual bed (for the 1st time) & part on my couch, as my sleep pattern was a bit off
--speaking of sleep pattern, I'm awake more during the day & sleep longer at night. Pretty much back to normal there

Things that aren't quite right yet;
--my thermostat's adjusting ability - if I step outside for 10 seconds, I'll come back in sweating profusely, and will do so for a *long* time after. If memory serves, this will be the case for another day or two
--strength - still not able to lift much nor pull much
--driving - post-op orders show next week; hope so! (but see the next one...)
--use of pain meds - I'd like to be off of them, but that time is not here yet, & won't be for a while. Hopefully, I can get off the narcotic ones shortly & be left w/ Ibuprofen.

I am very excited about being chauffered down to my class Thursday night on our coast campus! (MBA class in which I pretty much just listen to student group presentations; not much standing nor actual lecturing required)

To my GREAT regret, I've had to cancel my trip to Poland in August. I was scheduled to speak at a professor conference. Sadly, the pain & meds & much slower than anticipated recovery have ruled out my going this time. I'm VERY unhappy about this, but really don't have any other choice.

All in all, recovery's going fairly well, given that it's only been 8 days since my chest was cracked open & part of some ribs were removed!

Thanks SO much for your continued prayers & friendship!

In His Glorious Grip,

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