Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things I'm Imagining @ the Moment...

...being able to compose an entire email without having to stop & take a short nap to rest in the middle of doing so

...being able to mow my lawn.
(James dreams of me being able to do this as well, since he's the man @ the moment...*smile*) Seriously, I'm not a huge digging-around-the-yard kind of guy--as my neighbors will attest!--but I dearly love the deeply-satisfying feeling of "taking dominion" that mowing the lawn provides..

...being able to drive again.
Maybe next week!

...being able to stand in front of a group & teach again.
(my students & my friends in my SS class may insert their own punch line here)

...being able to take the hills again
(fast-walking a hilly neighborhood nearby)

...being able to get on a cross-trainer & go for half an hour

...being able to ride a bicycle
Of course, this requires *owning* bicycle, which I don't. Soon, maybe..

...sleeping in a relaxed prone position

...doing so in my bed instead of sideways on the couch

...doing so without oxygen attached

...having no bandages or medical devices attached to me all day long
(The last device may come off today! Then the bandages later...)

...not having to carefully track multiple pain meds to keep from OD'ing

...standing under a long hot shower

...not having to use my incentive spirometer & my duck-call looking thing to do breathing exercises.

...washing my hair

...not having to keep this cute Teddy bear & an old wooden cane nearby in case of a sudden cough or a need to, well, get up

And mostly, just being pain free, with clean P.E.T. scans for years & decades to come!

Thanks for your prayers! Seeing progress, albeit at a *much* slower pace than I'd like...

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Rhonda Boyle said...

Prayers, Mike. God bless you in your suffering and the way you count it all as joy. What a testimony!

God's peace,

Rhonda Boyle