Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To a particular Bama co-ed...

There's this Bama co-ed I know...

She's very friendly. You know, one of those who has never met a stranger.

She sees the good in everyone, which is sadly a rarity in our jaded, cynical society. (said the jaded, cynical blogger...)

She's generous. Which is a huge understatement.

She loves to help others learn & succeed. Hence her great success in her chosen profession.

She is very intelligent. Always reading something. Went back to Bama & got a Master's degree after being out in the workplace a few years.

She loves to travel, and has done so a *lot* since graduating from UA.

She laughs easily and is a great conversationalist.

She loves her Lord and her church, and is one of those faithful servants every church needs more of...she prefers behind-the-scenes service.

She loves her family. Even her extended family.

She'll blush & be dismissive of this next one, but her life matters to many people who have passed through her orbit...or her library...

Her life matters more than my feeble words can say to me...A few years ago, I wrote for her/ about her called "Relentless Love" & got it framed & gave it to her. I still think that's a pretty good phrase describing her: relentless love...

Today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I join with many in celebrating you and all that God has done through your amazing life. God in His providence knew I'd need a whole lot of "mothering" & thus gave me to you...

I pray that He richly blesses you today and always.

With much love,

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Dreamtheater_60083 said...

Dr. Madaris, After speaking with my wife about our good fortune, I told her of this great professor I had in finance at USM during my MBA degree, and wondered what ever happend to him (you)? Well I have read your blog in earnest, and found you attached to Linkin, and wanted to see if somehow we could chat? I also very sorry to hear about your health battles, and hope things are continuing to remain in a remissive state ? Please drop me a note as I would like to chat more either by e-mail or voice. Your teachings deserve much merit, and you should take great pride in knowning this "student" has taken much of your message's to heart, and done very well with those words! May God bless you always,,Thanks! Wayne Voss