Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The next Houston schedule - prayers welcome!!

A Prayer Reminder/Request:

Our next trip to M.D. Anderson is upon us. Your prayers are most welcome and appreciated!!

Here's the Schedule:

Sunday, 2/1 - Lisa & I head out to Houston after church
7.5 hours, or thereabouts.

Monday, 2/2 - All-day, fun-filled testing.
No breakfast , no lunch, no coffee. Luckily, though, I get to ingest the oh-so-tasty CT/P.E.T. contrast solution a couple of times...*sigh* Oh, and there's the IVs. And the bloodwork. And the three separate CT scans. And the P.E.T. scan.
On the plus side, I can tell you with confidence that Monday night's supper will be one of the all-time great meals. Wherever it occurs...

Tuesday, 2/3 - Morning appt. w/ Dr. Homsi, followed by return to H'burg
I think my appt. is at 9:30. We'll head east right afterward, with the intent of making it back for my night class.

The obvious prayer requests are (a) accurate and (b) negative results of all scans & tests. (recall, "negative" in medical speak means "nothing to see here; good news") Safe travel's another good prayer direction. Anne's time staying w/ friends. (etc.)

We'll be staying w/ a high school classmate out in Houston. Our friend's place we've stayed in for all of last year's trips has been sold, which is great news for him! Thus, my HS classmate is very generously opening her place to us.

Car-wise, we'll be driving some friends here's car. Ours would probably make it. Subtract about 150,000 miles, and add about 18 years, and you get from ours to theirs. We like the odds better. *grin* My buddy said "you've got enough to think about without wondering if your car will make it." Thanks, bro!!

So, you see, God's already answering prayers. Here's praying that He continues to do so. I'll keep you posted!

With much love and hope, and with great appreciation,


Anonymous said...

Mike, I will be praying for good results from this next trip to Houston. (My husband and I moved here from Houston, TX, so I know how long & tiring the drive can be.)

Praying for everything to go great!

Janice Martin (Temple/West)

Leslie said...

i prayed for y'all after waving at you leaving the church parking lot!! will keep on...