Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A short one today.

Today is Jason Weathers' birthday. He would be 34. I miss him hard. But my thoughts & emotions today do not even compare to those of Stephanie. Nor to those of their children. Nor those of Jon Mark & Petty, Jason's wonderful parents. Nor to those of Brad, Jason's brother.

Would you please pray for Stephanie today? She told Lisa and me yesterday that she's just ready for her heart to not hurt physically.

And would you also pray for Anna Lea, Jon Brent, & Ally? And for Jon Mark & Peggy? And for Brad?

And finally, would you treasure this day and treasure those in your life who make the days lighter and more pleasant? And would you live a life that is pleasing to God, in light of eternity?

Those are all great birthday presents to my absent friend, Jason.

Jason...bro...I cherish your friendship and your life. Thanks for leaving such a large wake in your 33 short years, and for making all of us in it long all the more for that glorious, eternal "what's up?" from you in the land where there will be no more goodbyes forever.

I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday! Rock on.

p.s. - on a related note, did you see the recent news article that for the first time they have sequenced the complete genetic development of acute myeloid leukemia from beginning to end? A news article like that would hardly registered to me a couple of years ago, as I was absent the day they taught science in school, and the disease didn't really register. Now, just ahead of Jason's 1st birthday in eternity after passing from complications due to AML, it thrilled my soul, and sparked fairly some fairly serious prayers on behalf of the researchers working on a cure. Join me there too, won't you? Maybe one day in the not-too-distant future, an AML diagnosis will be easily and decisively treatable, and will not leave any more young widows and children wondering why...There, ladies & gents, is a prayer worthy of being prayed often...

p.p.s. - If you're not already reading it, here's Stephanie's blog (click the word "blog" there).

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Stephanie said...

Thank you much. Shared your link with many friends today.
Jason loved you so much. I don't use the word "love" lightly either. He not only loved you, but he genuinely loved hanging out with you. So thankful for the friendship. Also, thanks for making reference to the new study done with AML. A long way to go with that nasty disease. I thank God for you and Lisa and the impact you have made in my life. Very much looking forward to our project!