Monday, November 24, 2008

Live from the CT Imaging waiting area @ M.D. Anderson...

Today's schedule:
10:30 - P.E.T. scan prep
11:00 - P.E.T. injection & localization (IV outlet insertion)
12:30 - P.E.T. scan
2:15 - Blood specimen collection
3:30 - Prep for CT scan
5:00 - CT scan of chest, abdomen, & pelvis
6:00 - chest xray
7:30 - serious gluttony at the first restaurant that strikes my ever-decreasing fancy.

(ok, that last one's not on my official MDA schedule...)

Wanna know what is not on my schedule today?
1. coffee
2. breakfast
3. lunch

Thus, some restaurant in the greater Houston metro area will regret not charging more for their food later today. *smile*

I've watched people eat today; I'm here to tell you, ladies & gents, that doesn't even come close to actually eating!

This is all disturbingly familiar & routine by now. Get IV put in; get nuclear waste injected into IV. Sleep for an hour. Go to P.E.T. scan room & get strapped on to the board. Go to sleep during scan. Wake self up repeatedly with snores. (not mine, of course...I'm not sure who else was snoring in that room, as I'm the only one I saw in the room. Curious...) Fantasize about eating & about drinking coffee. Ride up to CT Imaging. Get excited about being early; then realize that being early matters not very much. Remember how nasty the contrast solution is and get bummed about drinking 2 bottles of it (this is where I am right now...). Remember the 3rd method of delivering contrast solution besides drinking & IV and get REALLY bummed. Fantasize about eating. Remember that there's a Starbucks over in the other clinic and wonder what the largest cup they have is. Then wonder if they offer those cardboard things that allow one to carry multiple cups. Then realize this won't be fact, a lid for my coffees later will also probably not be necessary...Get chest xrays. Realize that rush hour here starts at about 4:30 and continues for the next 3-4 hours...Remember that nights like this one while awaiting hugely significant medical results are the ones where the clock seems to downshift into s-l-o-w mode, and sleep does not come easily...

On the plus side, (a) tonight's meal will be the greatest meal I've ever eaten; (b) tomorrow's coffee & the dozens of donuts & several kolaches will be the greatest breakfast I've ever eaten; (c) tomorrow only involves 1 appt., and I don't have to change clothes nor get stuck as part of it; (d) my beloved Lisa and our beloved daughter Anne are both here with me; (e) my God is still firmly sitting on His throne, presiding over the workings of the universe. And of M.D. Anderson. And of Mike Madaris.

Your prayers are welcome for
--correct & totally accurate test results...
--that show no trace of cancer
--peace for all 4 of us
--God to be glorified & magnified through this journey.
--safe travel back home tomorrow

Thanks much!

p.s. - is it bad that I'm already fantasizing about tomorrow's lunch & supper? *smile*


Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. I was thinking when you said Starbucks...instead of the largest cup and the cardboard carrying thing, why not get the cardboard server thing? You know, if you take Starbucks to a party or something, you can get a thing that serves like 20 cups of coffee in a throw away cardboard server. Maybe that would serve as your fix....
Christy Guined

Anonymous said...


Continuing to pray for you. Hope all of the tests went well at that place in Houston. Loved the medical definitions. See ya soon.