Thursday, May 08, 2008


Want to save someone's life? Literally?

Are you between 18 & 62?

Then keep reading. And act on what you read.

Right now you can go to and request a kit to be screened in order to be a potential bone marrow donor for FREE! Yes, I said FREE. Usually one would pay $52, but from May 5-May 19 you can get screened for FREE!

Please pass this along to all family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Wouldn't it be an incredible opportunity to get to save a life?

Also, on Friday, May 17th, there will be another bone marrow drive in honor of a little girl by the name of Madison Courtney. Madison also needs a bone marrow transplant. This drive will also be held at Temple Baptist Church (West Campus). You can view Madison's site by visiting: I know this sweet family would appreciate your prayers as well. It is my understanding that this drive will also be free of charge. This is only for a limited time as they are doing a promotion to get potential donors. PLEASE consider doing this if you haven't already done so. PASS the word!

Note: once you're typed, you stay in the marrow registry until age 62. They contact you if your marrow matches someone. And btw, there are no needles in the typing process. (there are needles in the donation process, of course, but none in the typing process. I promise!)

This is not about my medical situation, but I feel very strongly about this. And "save a life" is absolutely not an exaggeration.

On behalf of my good friend Jason Weathers, of this young lady named Madison Courtney, and many others needing a bone marrow transplant, THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING TO THIS!

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