Saturday, May 14, 2005

on graduations

the beach bum
30 years ago, my brother graduated from high school. And since then, as the Dead sang, "what a long strange trip it's been..."
He went to the U. of Miami on a music scholarship. Majored in applied music, w/ trombone as his main instrument. Did some cool stuff w/ music along the way.
Then, of course, off to Naval Aviation training to fly P3s.
Then, to United Airlines.
Now, to project management near DC.

Along the way, he's lived in Pensacola, FL; Corpus Christi, TX; Topsham, ME; Keflavik, Iceland; Rota, Spain; Montgomery, AL; Vacaville, CA; Waldorff, MD; and now Littlestown, PA.

Been married a couple of times. Wonderfully so, now. A son who's a freshman @ U. of FL. A young daughter.

I mention all of this because next Friday night, his younger son graduates from the same high school. Only our sovereign, all-knowing God knows what's in store for Jerry, my nephew, during the next 30 years.

My prayer is success and integrity, combined with a healthy amount of way-cool fun, all under the heading of an ever-growing faith in the person and work of Christ. Jerry's first 18 have been a challenge at times. May his next ones go as he wishes.

Jerry, bro, know that you're loved much by all of us. Know also that we're proud of you. Know too that we're excited for you as you journey to FSU this fall. And finally, know that I can still take you...what?....we can go right now...*smiles*

I love you, Jerry Scott Madaris. Congrats!

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