Wednesday, March 26, 2014

**Please Pray for my Brother, Jim!**

Was out of the social networking loop yesterday; what follows is a compilation of Facebook status updates on Jim; most were posted by his wife Sandi, with the exception of the very last one.
Synopsis: Jim experienced a rather serious situation with fluid building up in his chest & around his heart on Wed. 3/25.  As I type--3:15 p.m., Thursday, 3/26--he's better, but still in the hospital back home in NW FL.  (They were down for his daughter's Spring Break)
PLEASE pray for Jim & for his medical team, as well as for Sandi.
The following are the status in chronological order, fyi.  First one was Wednesday.

1.  Please pray for Jim! We are in ER in FWB FL--he has fever over 100, difficulty breathing and extremely fatigued. Pray for the medical staff here to determine quickly what is going on and for his breathing and pain to get better. Please no phone calls--I will update later as I can. Humbly thanking in advance for your sweet submissions to God on his behalf. Love and blessings!

2.  Jim being admitted to hospital. They are running lots of tests and doing a CT on him. Signs of some sort of infection...thx again for all your prayers.

3.  Jim has fluid around his heart. They have moved him to cardiac lab and are doing periocardiocentesis on him right now, he will be under conscious sedation. Please pray for steady hands, accurate placement of needle and drain, and a general prayer cover over him and the surgical team. Blessings!

4.  Just saw cardiologist. He got almost a liter of fluid out of his chest. Jim will be in ICU tonite and had a drain in his chest. He should be able to breathe easier now. I haven't seen him yet, so will let y'all know when I set eyes on him myself! Excellent doctor and surgical/nursing staff! Keep praying for swift and full recovery! Blessings!

5.  Jim was moved to ICU. I saw him and talked with him. Some pain at the drainage site but breathing is better. Pray that all the fluid is drained and his vital signs stabilize. So appreciate your love and prayers!

6.  Jim stable and resting when his mom and I left him tonite in the ICU. He will probably get some red blood to help with his anemia. His fever still there and white blood cell (WBC) too high, so some sort of infection is present. The nurse said lots of rest will help him feel better. He didn't eat too much dinner and was just glad they could finally give him pain meds. Prayers definitely appreciated and I will let locals know when he is ready for sweet visits from y'all! Your love means so much to all of us!
(This next one was the first from today.)
7.  Update on Jim: he slept fairly well last nite, ate a small breakfast, had another echo test and still has drain and foley cath in. Still running slight fever and has elevated WBC. His heart rate & BP are returning to normal. He still has difficulty breathing and a slight cough. The lining around his heart has a bacterial infection which is being addressed thru antibiotics. Fluid around heart is greatly reduced. Pray for the infection to be eliminated, for his breathing to totally improve, and for overall continued healing. God is over all and He is good! Thanks again for your love and prayers!

8.  Update again on Jim:
Pray for his fever to come down! It is 102.2 & specific infection needs to be found. Blessings!

(This one was posted by Jim just a bit ago.)
9.  hi all... Too sick to post & converse, but it sure is great to read all your love & prayers. Thanks especially for being there for Sandi.
In His grip... Jim

(end; back to Mike now)
Again, on Jim & Sandi's behalf, we welcome & deeply appreciate your prayers, my friends.  Thanks so much for all you folks do to serve my family!

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