Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Long & Winding Road - 2 From the Archives

(These 2 were originally published around this time of year a couple of Decembers ago.  They are deeply autobiographical & intensely personal.  If you're still reading, please read them in sequence.  If you have it in your mind that a professing Christian professor & Bible study teacher like myself has always been a man of great faith & academic success & good moral, better cinch up your seatbelt before reading any further as there will be some turbulent air ahead.  I republish these not because of scintillating writing nor profound theology contained therein; rather it's my hope & prayer that you will see the fingerprints of God and perhaps be encouraged about some bends & bumps in your own road.)

(Note: the 2 titles below are clickable links that take you to the specific blog entries)

Darkness...And Light
36 years ago today, I abandoned the Christian faith.

It was right after we got home from Dad's funeral. (Dad died of a heart attack as a young 47-year-old)

I snuck out into the back yard, and literally shook my fist at the sky. I said "God, if this is what you're about, I quit! Leave me alone!"...


Grace in the Darkness
Having just pondered here a season of darkness for me, I wanted to illustrate how those days were not *all* dark. With a head fake too; you've been warned...*smile*

Almost immediately after renouncing my faith (or trying to...) some friends in town showed up within just a couple of days....


(Back to the present)
I wouldn't have chosen MANY aspects of this journey, but I am SO VERY THANKFUL for where it--and the God Who providentially orders it--have taken me!

Because He came & is coming again,

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