Saturday, April 02, 2011

The May MDA Festivities (Schedule)

So, I just got the final sched of my upcoming MDA fund the week after graduation. Gonna be a busy week…*sigh*

Mon 5/16

8:45 – Blood collection

9:10 – Chest XRay

10:50 – Check in for CT Scan (translation: get IV attached)

11:20 – CT Scan of Chest

2:00 – Complete Pulmonary Function Test (translation: “Zero Fun, Sir!” Lots of breathing exercises & such)

(Aside: I can think of THOUSANDS of better ways to celebrate one’s birthday than doing all of this stuff! )

Tues 5/17

1:00 – Meet w/ Surgeon to get results of Monday’s tests (typically a short meeting that's very crucial to the process; this is the official "it's on" meeting)

2:30 – Check in @ Anesthesia Assessment Ctr

2:45 – Anesthesia Assessment (measurements, etc; usually not a biggie)

Wed 5/18

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR MDA; eat *lots* of good Tex/Mex & seafood; relax/hang out/etc. (OK, none of that’s on the official MDA schedule, but neither is anything else on that schedule. This is always one of the best days on the MDA surgery schedule. *laughing*)

Thurs 5/19

**Scalpel Time** (Dr. Mehran prefers to operate 1st thing in the a.m. usually; my guess is that we’ll arrive @ 6 a.m.-ish)


My part is rather easy: just show up & get heavy drugs & go to lala land; SHE is the one who has to sit in the waiting room & watch the clock…m o v e…v e r y…s l o w l y while waiting for her name to be called.

I’ll probably be in the hospital for 2-3 days after (Lisa can stay in the room w/ me on her own tiny foldout bed). These days are basically a progressive un-plugging from various machines & monitors as I make progress. They are *not* the most restful couple of days. Especially not for Lisa. I, of course, will have the magic pain pump hooked up; thus, I'll be OK w/ the distractions. *smile*

Then we will likely stay in a hotel there for another day or two just to make sure all of my systems & wound-healing & such are functioning properly, & then head home. Lisa will have to do all of the driving on the way back, sadly for her. Plus, I’ll have to get out & walk for 10 minutes or so every hour to avoid clotting. Thus, the trip home will probably take 11 or more hours. On the plus side for her, the pain meds make for an entertaining blend of animated conversation + deep sleep with virtually no transition time between the two. Or so I’m told. ;-{)}

The preliminary word—NOT from the surgeon (important clarification!)—is that I’ll probably be more or less out of commission for 7-10 days after surgery. The further prelim word is that this will be much less involved than my last summer’s surgery, which required a couple of months to fully recover. I like the 7-10 day deal much better…J

One more reminder: My medical Dr. is very confident about this one; I’m told the surgeon is too. Therefore, we are too.

Thanks much for all your prayers & acts of service & ministry to us. MAYBE, this will be the last one & the C-word won’t come back, & I can release the prayer time to other causes besides my health situation. (In the mean time, we welcome your prayers!) Lisa & I are most humbled by & MOST grateful for you.

With love & hope,


2 Corinthians 4:6-8,16-18

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