Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Once more into the breach...(me & M.D. Anderson this week)

Just a quick note about this week's return trip to MDA for followup. It's just me this time (well, me & several pastors & teachers & musicians via my ipod...*grin*)

Wed. 11/3 - drive from H'burg to Houston; check into hotel near MDA
(about 8 hours, tho Baton Rouge can add significantly to the travel time)
Thurs. 11/4 - bloodwork (just a quick stick) & P.E.T. scan
The P.E.T. scan is scheduled for noon, and there's no food--not even coffee!--until after the scan. The scan time is normally around an hour & a half, which includes a mandatory 1-hour nap while the nuke solution circulates. I like the nap part...*another grin*
Serious gluttony will occur shortly after the scan is over...
Fri. 11/5 - appt. w/ Dr. Homsi to get scan results (reminder: he's my main medical guy there)
Appt. scheduled for 1:30; drive home after.

Baton Rouge traffic will almost surely be...special...Friday night, as many of my fellow Crimson Tide fans will descend on B.R. along with tens of thousands of LSU fans for the big game on Saturday.

This trip is routine every three-month followup...but then, such trips will never be really "routine" again...

If you're a praying type, I'd appreciate a few. My own main requests are these:
--accurate P.E.T. scans that are totally boring, showing nothing at all.
--safe travel
--peace for Lisa; my part here is, as usual, the easy part...she has to just wait...

Thanks much! The quickest update will be via Twitter, which will also show up on my facebook page.

Thanks again!

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Keith Seabourn said...

Praying with you for BORING!