Monday, October 18, 2010

Every school's fanbase

Every school's fanbase thinks they are the morally pure & superior ones on the college football landscape.

Every school's fanbase thinks their home gameday experience is the best and that all rational, objective people agree with them.

Every school's fanbase thinks they are gracious toward visiting fans, unlike the other teams' fans.

Every school's fanbase thinks they are classy, unlike those other teams' fans.

Every school's fanbase thinks the refs are out to deny them their rightful victory, and that the refs are clearly longtime supporters of the other team.

Every school's fanbase thinks that it's only the other teams' fanbases that are obnoxious drunks at games.

Every school's fanbase thinks their fight song & alma mater evoke tearful reverence, whereas every other team's fight song & alma mater sounds like music that clowns juggle to. (Full disclosure: this particular one is flagrantly stolen & paraphrased from Chad Gibbs' book, God & Football)

Every school's fanbase marvels that any good high school player would even consider going anywhere else.

Every school's fanbase is amazed that (a) they're not ranked in the top 10...#1 (b) if they are ranked in the top 10...#1, they're amazed that anyone would question what is clearly the correct ranking.

Every school's fanbase knows that their school colors are just beautiful, whereas the other teams' colors look like a 2-year-old got hold of the crayon box again.

Every school's fanbase thinks their tailgating experience is the best.

Every school's fanbase would read this saying "Yep, that's how those other fans are."

Every school's fanbase has great folks who are rational & reasonable about their team & about sports in general.

And every school's fanbase has other folks who are so very often like the north end of a south-bound horse.

The former group of folks admits they have the latter; the latter deny that they themselves exist.

bb - Romans 12:18

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Anonymous said...

I freely admit that EVERY team has the friendly and fun fans- and EVERY team has some rude ones who we just cringe at.

However, I will say this. I have traveled to many games at many different stadiums and schools. There have been people who have been so nice and fun at all but one...and it will remain nameless. It was my freshman year at USM- and the last game of the season. Ahem. I was with the USM band. We won the game unexpectedly.

-At Alabama, some frat guys let us use their bathroom. We were fully dressed in 'my team's' getup, so that was so nice. They also offered us food and some cokes.
-At Florida State, we were kindly offered directions
- The Auburn/Alabama game after 9/11 was an incredible experience. The bands performed a patriotic halftime show TOGETHER. Amazing!

So, even when there are some cranky and rude people, there are also some amazing fans for ALL the teams that make college football the game I love!
Christy G