Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Things the VAST Majority of the Population of the Globe Doesn’t Care About in the Slightest…

--Who is ranked #1 in the various preseason college football polls

--Whether Brett Favre will play football this year

--Who Justin Beiber is

--Whether the Jets & Darelle Revis will reach agreement on a contract for this year

--Whether Alabama can repeat as BCS National Champions

--The probability of USM beating USC in the season opener

--Jeremiah Misoli’s prospects for his season as an Ole Miss Rebel

--How Brantley will do as QB for the Tebow-less UF Gators

--Tiger Woods

--Oak Grove…Petal…Sumrall…PCS…and their respective sports teams & records

--Whether a particular church sings mostly hymns or choruses in its worship services

--Which political party maintains or establishes a majority in this Fall’s U.S. Congressional elections

--Sean Hannity…Rachel Maddow…Rush Limbaugh…Keith Olberman…or anything they have to say

--The BCS or any college football playoff proposal

--Where LeBron & Shaq now live & play

--Whether the Saints can repeat

--Who is in any sport’s Hall of Fame

--What Mike Madaris thinks or writes or teaches about anything

(I’ll add more later…in fact, I could see this becoming an open, ongoing thread of discussion)


HattiesburgJay said...

How about a list of what the vast majority of the globe DOES care about?

Anonymous said...

I didn't even KNOW half of what you were talking about Mike, much less care about it! *snicker*

God's peace,

Rhonda Boyle
Just a Little Minute