Sunday, May 16, 2010

Approximate Sched for Mike for 5/17 @ MDA

7:30 - venture out into the *incredible* Houston rush-hour traffic
7:35 - vow to never gripe about Hardy St. traffic ever again; repeat this vow every 3.5 minutes until parked @ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
8:30 - bloodwork (my personal record is 11 vials in one sitting...)
9:30 - P.E.T. Scan Prep
(basically, inserting an IV into my arm, pushing some nuclear waste through the IV, and making me take a 1-hour nap...really, they do make me nap! I'm OK with it though)
11:00 - P.E.T. scan (about 30 min in a tube where I'm velcroed on to the table...and yes, they really do velcro me on there...I usually add another nap, figuring (a) I have to be still, and (b) it's always quite cool in the P.E.T. scan room...)
12:00 - drink a gallon of long-overdue coffee & eat bad cafeteria food (OK, this is not on my official M.D. Anderson schedule for the day...but since I can't eat or drink anything until after the P.E.T. scan, it's on my *personal* schedule...*huge grin*)
1:00 - go whine @ brain MRI people in hopes that they'll move mine from 5:00 to, well, now. Repeat until they reschedule my MRI, or until 4:30, whichever comes first.
4:30 - Prep for Brain MRI
5:00 - Brain MRI (stick your head into a metal bucket & have someone periodically bang on it with a hammer...that's pretty close to what this is like. Luckily, I have mad napping skills, so...)
6:00 - venture back into the Houston rush-hour traffic
6:05 - vow to never again gripe about traffic on Helveston, near WCU
6:10 - be oh-so-thankful that my morning & evening "rush-hour" commute is about 25 minutes long
Sometime after that: commit serious gluttony @ a great Tex-Mex place with Lisa, aided by two HS classmates + the son of one of them (again, not on my official MDA schedule...)

Seriously, it'll be a full, busy day. Your prayers for accurate and clear test results are most appreciated, if you're a praying type.

Thanks much!

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