Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Want to save someone's life?

In the very literal sense of the phrase "save someone's life"...

Sign up to be a bone marrow donor. >>CLICK HERE<<

I signed up in 1994 when a wonderful young man in Hattiesburg was sick. (He died as a young man with HUGE potential...) MOST regrettably, I am no longer a donor candidate because, well, because cancer sucks.

But some of you reading this are potential donor candidates.

I go to church with a man named Charles. Charles also signed up in the registry in 1994. A couple of years later, he got a call. Which led to other calls. Which led to some medical things. Which led to him becoming a match for a leukemia patient out on the west coast.

Charles donated bone marrow. Said his lower back was a little sore for a few weeks. The recipient? Prior to the donation, the guy had NO hope. He & his wife had started getting his affairs in order in anticipating his passing. A young married man...with young kids...and no hope.

Then he got word that this guy in MS was a match & was willing to donate.

Now, more than 10 years later, the guy on the west coast is doing trace of leukemia...enjoying life with his wife and kids. He's flown Charles out to visit a couple of times.

I do not have enough of a vocabulary nor of an imagination to try to capture what that first meeting would be like. I'm sitting here blubbering like a little girl just writing this!

So the phrase "save someone's life" is to be taken absolutely literally. And you...YOU...might be able to do it.

Click the link above & sign up. They mail you a kit, you swab your cheek, and you mail it back. And pray that you're a match for someone. So that you can--literally--save their life.

A closing question: Imagine my friend Charles arriving at the guy's house for the first visit, and meeting his wife and his kids. Do you think Charles thought or said anything like this? "yeah, this is pretty cool, but that needle spot hurt for 3-4 weeks, so I don't think it was worth it..."

Me neither.

Sign up. There's a link there for donating money too, if you--like me--are medically ruled out as a potential donor. BTW, there are also links there with FAQs about the marrow donation process, and with myths about the process. Read them. And then sign up.


p.s. - Why are you still here? Go sign up to be a marrow donor! *smile*

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