Monday, October 26, 2009

A Common Thread

1. I've known her since she was in high school. She has always been an excellent role model of how the Christian faith should be lived out in the real world. Rock solid faith. Excellent character. A great role model in her professional life. Then an excellent wife. Now an excellent mother of three. Always smiling. Everybody's friend. This past Friday, she had tough and serious surgery. When she recovers, she'll have radiation & chemo.

2. I've known him for a few years. He has become a great friend. By which I mean, a servant who always has the best interest of others at heart. He is one of the great church members I've ever known. Again, servant minded. Takes his faith and the Bible very seriously, and yet is very patient with those who take them less so. A leader who leads by serving and by example. An excellent husband and father of four. This past Friday, his Dad was diagnosed with a very serious cancer. Earlier today, he took his Dad to the 1st, critical appt. with the surgeon. The news got worse. Chemo, radiation, and then surgery. This one will likely have a huge impact on a large number of family members.

3. I just met her this past weekend in person, although we've known each other through a mutual friend for some time. She is a sweetie, and is known as such by all who know her. Has always been known as such. Last year, she had surgery and chemo. Now, she is about to undergo treatment for her second go-round with a different type of cancer. She delayed this treatment in order to be available for her son's last summer before college. He graduated from HS in May, and began college this Fall. She has her priorities straight.

Catch the common thread? All three of these great folks have had their lives turned upside down & inside out by cancer. Their own or that of a loved one.

Forgive the coarseness, but cancer just sucks. In the midst of this fearsome dread disease whose mere mention evokes terror, a sovereign God magnifies Himself in the lives of His servants. He's doing so in the lives of all three of these friends. And their families. But from an earthly perspective, it just sucks.

Would you please join me in praying for all three of these friends of mine? The Lord knows their names. My life is better because all three of them are part of it. I'm so thankful that each crossed my path. My selfish prayer is for complete and total healing, followed by a long & joy-filled life. My slightly-less-selfish prayer is for God to pour out His Spirit on all affected by these three illnesses, and to draw each of my friends all the closer to him. (Although, all three are mighty dadburn close to Christlike already...). And that He would make each mindful of His awesome presence and love and power and fear-removing capabilities, along with the wisdom He bestows on Drs...

I consider it a huge personal favor for you to lift up these. Thank You for them, Father. And for all who will be praying for them in the days to come.

And while you're at it, please pray for all who are doing research desperately seeking a once-and-for-all cure. Thank You for them too, Father.

With love and hope,

Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand?”
Job 26:14

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Anonymous said...

I will be praying. I am also keeping you and your family in my prayers as well.
Christy G.