Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Basically, he's a freak of nature...

(A not-very-updated post from 2 years ago.  Do you know people who succeed remarkably at pretty much everything they do?  Don't you hate people like that?  *huge grin*  Happy Birthday to my brother Jim, in whose wake I am thrilled to have travelled for these ...*garbled* years!  Love you!)
He's a musician. One of the better ones I've ever run across. Can play most anything, but his specialties are keyboard & trombone. He also sings like the great Michael Franks and is a superb arranger & re-arranger of music.  Music degree from U. of Miami, one of the best music programs in the country.

He's a pilot. Flew sub chasers for the U.S. Navy for some years (during the bad old days when we & the USSR were aiming nukes @ each other...). Then flew various jets for United Airlines.

He's a project manager. Which means he helps talented, creative people stay on task for the good of the organization. My boss would wish he'd move here & help *me* stay on task, although I'm not so talented nor so creative...

He's a corporate executive.  (Which will surely draw a smile from those of us who recall dancing to his music back in the, er, social establishments of NW FL in the 80s, with him on keyboards & vocals dressed...NOT like a corporate executive, let's just say...)

He's a worship leader. He puts his substantial music gifts to work on Sundays as he helps others at his church enter into worship (in some very creative ways, I might add.)

He's an intellectual. One of the keenest intellects anywhere. Took a set of calculus courses in his electives...for his MUSIC PERFORMANCE degree...and made A's in all of them. An inveterate reader of serious writings. History...Philosophy...Political Science...Biography...Theology...Serious Fiction...

He's a loyal friend. To current friends. And to those from 30-40 years ago...

He's a husband & a father. Two biological sons (both now grown & married & productive, contributing members of society), & one adopted daughter (from Siberia!)

He's a minister. Specifically, a servant-minded Stephen minister. Has led that ministry in multiple churches.  Has ministered in prisons.  Joining him on one of those prison-ministry trips is on my bucket list.

He's a sinner by nature--like all the rest of us--who is gloriously redeemed, which redemption happened in his mid-30s.

He's awesome...

He's my brother Jim. And today's his birthday!

He's not quite two years older than I, which means (a) the bar was set very high for me following two grades behind him, and (b) doors opened for me simply because I was "Jim's little brother." I used to get tired of hearing " are you Jim's little brother?"  I used to be an idiot, in other words.  I'd say I got the looks, but I didn't even get those, compared to him... ;-{)}
Happy Birthday, Bro! I love you & am proud to be your little brother.

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