Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." --Sam Keen

And that respectable laziness, ladies & gents, is exactly what my young bride & I have in mind for the next few days, as we head to Orange Beach for a too-long-delayed anniversary trip.

We are moving into what Jimmy Buffett calls “Island Time”…meaning, well, our schedule will be dictated by the wills of the moment. Hungry? Must be time to eat. Waves up? Must be time to go swimming. Hot? Time to fall into the pool. Still hunry? Must be time to eat again. Tired? Time for a nap. (etc.)

We do plan to set an alarm clock...for about 5:00 p.m. Sunday to remind us that it’s time to head back home…*grin*

Other than that, there are books to be read, beaches to be sat on & jogged on & walked on, sunsets to watch, Bibles to be read (the beach is a SUPERB place for Bible study!)…plus, several hundred shrimp are going down at various seafood eateries there…All you amateur tourist shrimp eaters, step, the professional shrimp eater is coming to town...

And over & against it all, is a wonderful time celebrating 25 years of marriage to my beloved bride!

She still looks pretty much as she did on June 2, 1984…I, on the other hand, have fairly well fallen apart, but she loves me anyway…I really look forward to just sitting on the deck with her & watching the waves & the sun (or rain, as it may well be…) & walking along the beach & conversing about whatever comes to mind & listening to jazz & rock & worship & whatever strikes our fancy (Thank you, Apple, for the IPOD…one of the great inventions of my lifetime! *smile*)

So, if you need me these next few days, well, tough! *smile*

I’m having some quality “time on the water” to quote Buffett again. Recharging the batteries & enjoying the beach w/ my sweetie. I’d say “I’ll miss all of y’all” but…the truth is, I won’t. Sorry. I do most of the time, but not this weekend. *huge smile*

E-see you all Sunday night when we get back!

Already battling island time even though I'm not @ the beach yet,

p.s. - if a total hammerhead like me can get married & stay so for 25 years, there's hope for all of you good people...Really, there is! I'm not much of a catch now, but I REALLY wasn't much of a catch in 1984. (well, except for my uber-hotness, of course...) So press on, my friends! It's worth the effort!

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