Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"Cut along the perforated line..." (medical update)

Great, great visit w/ Dr. Mehran the surgeon this morning. Very encouraging. Here's the deal (this will be quick, since we're waiting on me finishing this one to hit the road for H'burg).

--He does *not* think this is a new metastasis. (remember yesterday? "no evidence of cancer anywhere else"?) This news is very huge...

--He says this is probably an "implantation." Meaning, a cell or two dropped off during the previous surgery and "implanted" @ the site. (This hot spot is at my 1st surgery site, but is *not* inside my lung this time)

--He said it *could* be merely a post-surgery inflamation(!). However, he assigned this a 20% probability, with the other 80% probability that it's an implanted melanoma.

--He recommended waiting 3 months & then re-scanning. If there's still activity @ the site--which he expects--we'll do surgery then. (late May) I quote: "it will be an easy procedure, an easy surgery." He will just extend the cut where the scar is and take the hot spot out (hence the post title "cut along the perforated line"). Again, I quote: "everything will be fine."

In summary, given evidence of more cancerous activity, this is very good news. Unfortunately for my students, I won't even have to miss any more classes for this one. *smile* Dr. Mehran is very confident and reassuring, and was especially so this morning.

Tentative schedule: P.E.T. scan Tues., May 26 (I actually do recognize & greet the now-familiar nurses & techs there..."how's your son doing in pharmacy school?"..."how's that baby?"...*smile*). Appt. w/ Dr. Mehran, Wed. May 27. surgery, Thurs. May 28.

Please see my description of my God in yesterday's post (points down) and note the verses from Isaiah.

Thanks so very much for your prayers & encouragement!!!

With much love and great hope,


Janice said...

Awesome God... awesome news! Thanks for the update. Praying for safe arrival back to HBurg.

Sharon Kaiser (CHS class of 77) said...

I have been praying for you, too. I am glad to hear the news is so encouraging. God is awesome!

Kat said...

Hey Mike,
It's Kat (Kathleen Madaris Evans) :)

I found your blog from the family website. I was excited because I love following blogs.

Just wanted to say hey!...happy to hear the good news!

DeeDee said...

great news Mike and Lisa!

Our God is an awesome God!

Steve and I celebrate over this news.

Please be praying for a new friend of ours: Dan Kite. He was diagnoised 5 wks ago w/a rare cancer. They are making their 2ndtrip to Univ of Michigan this Thurs for cocktail dosage and when surgury ca be scheduled.
Part of his shoulder has to be removed and they are hoping nothing will show up on his lungs. Dan is 52 yrs old.

Joy,Debi O.

oldfatslow said...


I'm so glad for the
positive prognosis. You
sure do keep things