Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some wants I've been pondering...

...these are in no particular order of significance. They are in the order of "Mike's random mind processes came up w/ them this way"...)

I want to go to seminary.
I want to go to Vietnam & India & China.
I want to write a book.
I want to surprise my wife with a car one Christmas morning.
I want to replace the windows in my house.
I want to tear down & rebuild the deck at my house.
I want to complete the Chartered Financial Analyst certification.
I want to publish more academic articles.
I want to learn Polish. Or perhaps Russian.
I want to spend a month on an island in the Carribean with my family.
I want to take my family to Alaska.
I want to take my family to New York City and more broadly to New England.
I want to achieve tenure at a university. And be promoted to associate professor.
I want to take some WCU students overseas on study trips.
I want to see my children and my nieces & nephews succeed and become contributing members of society.
I want to impact the world...my world...for Christ.
I want to finish well.



Anonymous said...

Clay tried learning some Russian a while back. It was quite difficult. If you get that month long trip to the Carribean, could I please pretend to be a distant cousin or something? That trip sounds dreamy.


DeeDee said...

Mike....go for it! The sky is the limit.

I loved your list and might think of doing one for myself.

Of course, I especially like the one "buy a car for my wife for Christmas." Which means you will ave t obuy her kleenex, a brown paper bag and a mini tramp so when she starts to cry, get dizzy or faint..you are prepared!

Love to your family.....Debi O.

Anonymous said...

I can teach you Russian when I come back to the States. It's rough (i think 5th most difficult language for an American to learn, but I could be wrong), but I'd trade Russian lessons for "hang out with Mike" time :)
- Scott