Friday, September 28, 2007

Are you an evangelical Christian? Do you want a challenge?

Then read Professor Wayne Grudem's Presidential Address to the Evangelical Theological Society in 2000. The article is found in pdf form here.

I've long been a fan of Grudem's; had the incredible pleasure of taking a class on "The Doctrine of God" from him some years ago out in CO. Harvard undergrad, Westminster Theological Seminary M.Div., Cambridge Ph.D. Author of books and over 100 journal articles. Very thoughtful. Brilliant scholar. Great teacher. My copy of his Systematic Theology is well-read and marked up. (aside: systematic theology is basically the approach of saying "Let's look at everything the Bible says about ________," which is, of course, the preferred way of addressing the problems facing the church & society.

In this article, he's addressing the premier academic society in evangelical Christianity. (Note to some: there are, in fact, very good academic scholars who would be very comfortable sitting next to me in church this weekend in terms of beliefs) Basically what he does in the address is challenge these scholars to take the Bible seriously and treat it like they say they believe. The article is not short, and it takes one through some deep waters. Again, it's addressed to Bible scholars. But the challenge Grudem presents is very direct. And at some level, it applies to all of us who claim to take the Bible seriously.

Take some time to read it. You'll be challenged. And, I hope, changed.

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