Friday, April 22, 2005

Why "the beach bum"?
Simple. Because I'm originally from Ft. Walton Beach, FL, home of the prettiest beaches in the world. (but I'm not biased...alright, yes I am!). Though I've not lived there in years, I still consider myself very much a beach bum. Back home, we would say that "I've got sand in my shoes." This means I'm hooked on the NW FL beaches.

I have a xanga site also. It's found here. That one is somewhat personal, and you'll find it focusing on my beloved students & other friends from the high school at which I teach.

Thus far, this blog is experimental. Topics that may be explored here include: politics - national, state, local; religious things; education; the arts. I also tend to be a story teller, using story to illustrate points I think are important.

Influences on my writing include John Grisham (though I tend to be more of a non-fiction guy), Jimmy Buffett--the beach bum's beach bum, Lewis Grizzard, various writers whose opinions are found here, Anton Hein's website, various students (whose comments & links may be found on the xanga site), Ravi Zacharias, and others.

God only knows where this blog will wind up. I'm kind of curious as to where the ride will take me. That's all.

the beach bum

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